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What is the point of
It's always been an online playground. A place in space to to test code, host sites and files and share my work and ideas.

When born? was officially registered on May 18, 2002 but it took a week to mature and was not online until May 25, making that the unofficial birth date of the official home page web site on the Internet.

How did you such a nice site?
It took a lot of monkey hours, research and mistakes to construct the site in front of you. It has seen many different designs.  Usually built on valid XHTML and CSS with Dreamweaver and it is served up by Apache and PHP with a sprinkle of MySQL.  I'm also growing quite fond of the idea of Joomla.  The site was first registered with Doteasy and now hosted by the folks at HostGator. Graphic work has been helped along by Creative Suite 4 and the rest is history. If you want to know more, just follow some of those links.

Can I use your content?
Most of my work is licensed under a Creative Commons licence that allows you to steal it without asking me, as long as it is for personal use and you give credit where it is due. If you want to use content from this site commercially, please contact me.

Yeah, what's with all the ads?
Hosting sites can be expensive. I like a site that is self-sufficient and a little bit of advertising helps pay for itself.

I've got lots more questions! How can I get in touch?
Best way is to send me a message on my secret contact page and we'll go from there.

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