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A lot of these come straight out of my bookmarks, in fact, I think all of them do. See if you like them. They aren't going to open in a new window though.

Infinite Madness - Home of Moo.Trashes, System Crash Monitor, BS Detect and other programs that just don't do anything.

Australia BSB reverse lookup - Ever wanted to know just where that mysterious eBay seller keeps their bank account? This tool lets you enter their BSB and do a reverse lookup on it.

ILoveJackDaniels - A site that has heaps of web related topics. I've really only looked at the "cheat sheets" on this site but they are all good.

Westciv - An Australian company that knows what they are talking about when it comes to CSS and design on the Internet. If either of those things float your boat, have a look.

eBay Sniper

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