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This tutorial is designed to get your Nokia 3230 (or other Series 60 phone) to connect to and use an Internet connection that your computer is using via Bluetooth. If you:

  • Have a Nokia 3230 (or other Series 60 phone)
  • Are running Windows XP
  • Are connected to a network that has an active internet connection

Then this tutorial has all you need to get up and running.

A basic knowledge of networking and the WIDCOMM Bluetooth drivers (version will also be a huge help.  If you are using the native Windows XP drivers then you still have to do all the same steps but I have found the WIDCOMM drivers easier and more reliable to operate with.

When you are ready to get this going there are three steps you must take before continuing this tutorial that are vital for troubleshooting:

  1. Backup your phone memory to your memory card
  2. Make a System Restore point on you computer
  3. Turn off your firewall

If you don’t do this you could run into complications that will cause endless frustration.  Before I got this all working I restored my computer three times and my phone...too many times to remember.  That’s why I compiled this tutorial, so that people in the same situation can get it working by following easy steps.  However, I take no responsibility for injured phones or computers.

SERVER SIDE (Computer)

Create a System Restore point:
Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore
Select Create a restore point > Next > Enter a description > Create > Close

Enable IP Routing:
Install gnubox.reg to your computer (double click file and click Yes)

Set up the Bluetooth COM port: (this tutorial uses COM5 but others should work)
Control Panel > Bluetooth Configuration > Local Services tab > Add Serial Service
Ensure both checkboxes have ticks in them

Note: WIDCOMM drivers Control Panel says Bluetooth Configuration but Windows XP says Bluetooth Devices

Set up communications between your Bluetooth COM port and phone:
Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options > Modems tab > Add...
Don’t detect my modem; I will select it from a list. > Next
Standard Modem Types > Communications cable between two computers > Next
Selected ports > COM5 > Next > Finish
Click on Properties for the modem you have just installed.
Go to the Modem tab and change the Maximum Port Speed to 115200
Go to the Diagnostics tab and tick the checkbox Append to Log

Set up incoming connections:
Control Panel > Network Connections > New Connection Wizard > Next
Set up an advanced connection > Next > Accept incoming connections > Next
Tick the checkbox next to the modem on COM5 that you have just installed > Next
Do not allow virtual private connections > Next > Remove ticks from all users > Next
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties > Remove ticks from both checkboxes
Allocate two IP addresses that are within the same class as your current address > OK
Next > Finish

Ensure things are running smoothly:
Restart your computer
Turn off your firewall
Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > Routing and Remote Access
Should read - Status: Started, Startup Type: Automatic
If not, right click on it and go to Properties to change status and startup type
Control Panel > Network Connections > There should be an area that reads Incoming Connections (No clients connected)

If all of the above makes sense and you can see an area for Incoming Connections your computer is set up and you are ready to move on to the phone setup.  If you had a problem somewhere, read the instructions again very carefully and make sure you have followed them all correctly.

Screenshot of how the settings will look on Windows XP


Backup your phone memory:
Tools > Memory > Options > Backup phone memory > Yes

Install the application:
Install gnubox_3230.sis to your phone

Set up a new access point:
Settings > Connection > Access Points
Options > New access point > Use default settings

Connection name: Bt (this is case sensitive)
Data Bearer: Data call
Dial-up number: 3 (any number you can’t call will be fine)
Authentication: Normal
You do not need to change any other settings on this screen

Options > Advanced settings
Use PPP compression:
Use login script: Yes
Leave the logon script field blank, gnubox will write this in for us later

Screenshot of the connecton settings on your phone

Open gnubox
Options > Install > set RAS logon script
Options > Install > auto set modem ID
Options > Install > create records
Quit gnubox
Open gnubox
Options 2box Bluetooth > Serial port > Find and select your computer > Ok
Options > Debug > Bring up IF

Screenshot of the required settings in gnubox

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Still Confused
written by K53NK, December 09, 2013
I've followed all the instructions, but i still can't browse the internet through my original phone's web. Is there any requirements on the computer such as 32 or 64 bit for the connection to be work?
Thx b4..

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